Welcome to Autodesk University Extention South Africa  (AUx)

AUx South Africa helps customers improve their business by learning innovative techniques, best practices, and new workflows for using Autodesk software products. AUx South Africa also provides executives and managers with important thought leadership to help them reach their business goals.

What is AU?  Long story.  Here's the short version.

  • Autodesk University (AU) is many things. First, it was an event. Then it became many events. Now it’s also an online destination for learning.
  • It’s learning and growing professionally, gaining new skills and improving existing ones, and exploring the future of making things. That’s what AU is all about.
  • Starts off in Las Vegas and has extensions across the globe.
  • Australia, Asia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Istanbul, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Dubai and South Africa


Standard Fee
R650 incl. VAT
Student Fee
R250 incl. VAT
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